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 Clients with eating disorders, emotional and compulsive eaters can be added to your niche POWERFULLY– and I’m going to tell you HOW! 

 With this resource you will...

  •  Learn HOW to identify Problematic Eaters and Leverage your Practice
  •  Discover how to create solid 5 figure months as a coach with this niche
  •  Receive the #1 tool you need to increase you visibility as a coach
  •  Transform your Practice by serving this HUGE population WELL!
  •  Have tools needed to END Emotional and Compulsive Eating 

What Others Are Saying...

"As a Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach, Shelley’s Food Freedom program has provided me with another practical tool for my practice. It compliments my eating psychology studies perfectly but doesn’t overlap with what I have already learned. I highly recommend Food Freedom to nutritionists, health coaches, and Eating Psychology Coaches who work with problematic eaters. Thanks for a great tool Shelley!"

– Christy

"A great resource for nutrition practitioners to help to dig into the emotional issues behind client’s poor eating habits. It not only helps practitioners to get to the why but has strategies that can be applied to help clients push through their emotional issues with food."

– Nikki

"I knew that as a health coach with a focus on weight loss, this is something I would always run into and wanted to learn how to give more permanent, long term solutions to those suffering. Shelley’s program made a profound influence on my practice and I am already integrating what I learned with clients and am seeing immediate results! She really gets to the bottom of what is going on for people and teaches a coach how to use these cognitive strategies effectively with clients."

- Gina Ledwith, Health Coach 

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Shelley Ugyan is the Breaking Free Cognitive Mentor and founder of the Conscious Coaching Method. She is also a problematic eating therapist, teacher for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, public speaker, educator and business mentor. She went from $500 months to $10,000 months as a health coach with these exact tools!

Shelley is passionate about collaborating with women who are READY TO CHANGE THEIR THINKING and TRANSFORM themselves. She is passionate about empowering health coaches to take their business to the next level using her signature ground breaking strategy!

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