You are a solo-preneur.

You want to break free of the 9-5 lifestyle and share your authentic voice.

You want to do this while building the wealth you know you deserve… and you want SUPPORT doing it!

However you are finding that getting those ideal clients, creating and affluent practice, and aligning to your highest vision is harder than you thought.

It’s overwhelming and way out of reach.

You’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, and unprofessional.

The truth is that you’re struggling, and you want to feel confident and clear on how to tangibly achieve the business you want. No metaphors and industry jargon telling you how you should be running your business.

I’ve been there, and I know how it feels to work day and night without feeling like I was gaining any traction at all!

Honestly, I felt confused with all the hype online and disconnected to who I was and what I really wanted to create- nevermind how to make money doing it!

It’s time for 5-figure months and beyond, a waiting list of clients that are lined up for your authentic coaching brilliance, and a high earning practice that brings your life from mediocrity to the extraordinary!

I’m Shelley Ugyan, a life-changing mindset and business strategy coach for online entrepreneurs. In my practice, I guide others to develop their game changing foundations that help them thrive in business. My story is one of inspiration and dedication to truth: values I bring to every project as a conscious coach, thought leader and author.

As a mindset and strategy coach, It’s my passion to walk you through building your dream businesses. To lay the framework that gives you clarity, ease and confidence – just like I have done.

Years back, I made a decision to renew and empower my life.

I designed my own conscious path, with a system and tools that would provide both the lifestyle and world impact so important to me. When asked, “Are you settling in any area of your life?” I knew at that moment, I had no choice but to step into my own light and to help others do the same! I’ve committed myself to mastery with my own cognitive training model as a certified health, leadership, and confidence coach.

It hasn’t always been easy. Not long ago I was in a comfortable job, with summers off and a pension on the horizon. I made a decent wage and was able to do everything that I loved. It seemed perfect. But I was bored, unmotivated and depressed. I knew I was settling for something that wasn’t aligned with who I really was. I decided to make a change. It wasn’t easy but I did what it takes, one day at a time. I had many mentors along the way and am grateful for each and every step!


Now, as a successful mindset and business strategy coach for online business owners, I powerfully teach this long-lasting transformative ability with others who want to create the juiciest life possible. My clients include coaches in countries around the world, who are also celebrating their own huge successes including thousands of online sales and business scaling for multinational success.

My approach is a way that feels authentic and in alignment for you. I know that was the game changer for my own success!

Understanding that I had the power and tools to change my thinking was a magical experience.

My transformation took my limited beliefs, that told me I would not have the time, wisdom, tools or the ability to create success online, and re-shaped them into a powerful force of leadership.

Confidence, momentum, alignment and congruency - all strengths made abundant through conscious permission.


• There is no place for settling or thinking small.

• Being congruent in all areas of life is necessary to a successful business.

• Authenticity is necessary for real growth and transformation.

• We cannot expect our clients to do the work if we haven’t stepped into our highest truth ourselves.

• Intuitive tenacity, self-love, and living to one’s highest potential is essential for abundance and happiness.

With a deep sense of purpose comes attraction. Harnessing that attraction can transform your life.


Here’s the thing…there are a whole lot of courses out there these days that talk about systems and structures or “how to” steps and formulas…the problem with those is, they don’t teach you much about real client attraction, how to grow a sustainable business and how to sell. The even bigger issue is that these programs do very little to target the biggest issue of all- the personal development that is necessary to develop a long term, successful business.

Every client I have ever worked with has needed to address what was going on inside in order to succeed on the outside, be it mindset, boundaries or confidence and clarity in and with themselves. In order to show up 100% and be seen as an expert, you must BE and feel, as you are that expert on the inside. You must be ready an able to show up and feel good doing it. Many people do not realize that to be the superstar in their business, they must become the superstar in their own lives- from mindset to self-love and confidence.

Without transforming your own blocks and challenges, there is very little point in learning the tools and strategies of online business.

What I have also been noticing more and more is that having a program you can access at any time, with all the tools needed for success, can change everything. Trainings with recorded live sessions such as this one provide the opportunity to really grow and develop at your own pace-You don’t need to do this alone!

This high vibe, online bsuiness training, is about just that. It is about stepping into mastery of the brilliance of who you are as a person and therefore allowing you to shine as a coach and online entrepreneur. Its about starting fresh with a decision to make 2017 the year you step into your power fully, own your worth and serve in the way you are meant to- the way that you were born to serve on this planet!



You will tap into a series of progressive trainings featuring an intimate group of positive, driven and inspired female boss ladies each week to dive in, and learn from the space of your own home, wherever you are in your business, while being motivated and encouraged to grow and expand to new levels and given the tools to do ust that!

Each week will begin with Shelley facilitating a high vibe, motivational and transformational recorded call which will follow the weekly module. Participants have raved about the calls alone with completely different content from the written modules!

You will be guided through 12 modules bi-weekly, and 12 calls- and will have time to implement with ease and you will also have access to a 30 minute 1:1 POWER Call with Shelley at any time during the program!!


Access to all webinars and training calls Shelley gives within the 6 month time frame.

(Value: $800.00)

12 Recorded Calls to facilitate deeper learning and further support!

( Value: $3000.00)

12 Training Modules 

(Value: $3000.00)



FREE Access to the 5 Video Serving with Sales Power Training Series!

Value: $399.00 USD


A High Level Social Media Training!

Value: $595.00 USD


A FREE coupon for 1:1 Mastery level 40 minute Coaching session with Shelley within 2 months of purchase!

Value: $300.00 USD



You are woman who is done settling in all areas of life and you are ready to follow your dreams and create the dream life you have always desired! You understand that your business growth is equal to and proportionate to your own personal growth and development and you are ready to show up fully and receive support in abundance, while bringing an attitude of readiness, courage and passion to the tribe and your profound work! You want a program that is at a reasonable price that WORKS, and can be done from your own home!


Feel confident and clear in WHO you are and what you stand for and know what to focus on to get results and to make money.

Own your worth and re-create your money story so that you are living in brilliance in all areas of your life!

Do what it takes to overcome blocks and old stories that have kept you stuck.

Receive all the tools and structures to create a successful online business with clients you LOVE.

Book clients without all of the fear and uncertainty because you’re confident - and you know what you’re doing!

Start maximizing your time and create space for things you love by learning to master the feminine and masculine principals of money, time and relationship.

Book Discovery Calls with joy and enroll clients with ease and confidence!

Create programs and packages that sell and are connected to your unique brand.


  • Cultivating boundaries
  • Letting go of resistance and self-sabotage FOR GOOD
  • The Coach Approach Communication
  • Wealth mindset
  • Personal development
  • Mastering sales in authenticity and power
  • Branding as uniquely YOU
  • Creating Discovery Calls and ongoing relationships DAILY
  • Staying focused and confident
  • Making offers and creating programs

When you are 100% solid in WHO you are as a woman, you will be clear and confident in your business. This is where success is born! When you are clear about what you desire and where you are going- without compromise, you will manifest your hearts desire! In the next 6 months we are going to get very clear on just that. Who you are and what you want…without compromise!


  • Establish clear business goals that are achievable and highly inspiring
  • Get really clear on your deepest desires and fully activate your internal manifest GPS!
  • Create time management strategies and work with the feminine principal in managing tasks and avoiding overwhelm.
  • Lean how to stay productive and focus ONLY on what matters each day!
  • Develop a money mindset that abolishes fears around lack and has you light up with an empowering wealth and prosperity consciousness
  • Become aware of the old beliefs around self and money that have you blocked both financially and personally and learn how to strategically master your own energy daily!
  • Embrace your confidence as a high level coach and an expert in your industry by learning how to create an authentic and clear connection with your clients


"Working with Shelley has been an amazing experience and I am glad I made the decision to join the group. The best thing about working with Shelley is, that she is as authentic as it gets. She is not the kind of coach who is going to tell you what you want to hear, she is the loving coach who will love, challenge and encourage you to “show up” and not “play small”. Because she has been exactly were we all new coaches have been, she knows exactly what works, what does not, and also the self-limiting that we all new coaches struggle with. Her advice, the modules, her coaching, her candor is truly priceless! The second amazing benefit was also hearing from incredible entrepreneur woman who were encouraging, strong, focused and as excited as I was to embark in this amazing journey.  

As a result of me joining the mastermind group I have been able to stand stronger as a coach, prepare many of my marketing materials knowing exactly what works, and get my first batch of senior executive clients. I am excited about the changes after working with Shelley as I am able to close sales with clients with ease, am selling my program to ideal clients, which I never imagined possible, and I now know I have everything I need to be huge success in the industry! If anyone is considering joining her group program, do it! You will not regret it. You will be working with the best coach. One who understands what you are going through and who wants to support you on this journey. Her material is amazing! Her messages and loving support will nurture and challenge you during this wonderful process. Thank you Shelley. You have made a difference in my life."

- Angela Gallardo Grosvenor

"Working with Shelley in Living brilliance Mastermind has been life changing. I remember being hesitant to signing on because I felt I have tried other mentors/masterminds and didn’t see a Return In Investment. Shelley spoke to me about the knowledge and the ability to clear my blockages are part of the RIO and that if I truly plan to be to have this be my business than over time the things I have learned will fall into place.  

Each module challenged me to look at myself and my own thoughts and how I was getting in the way of my business flourishing. My wealth consciousness was extremely distorted and that module alone has helped me with having more confidence to make offers to potential clients and not feel guilty for charging for my services. I was so afraid of mentioning the investment at the end of a clarity call that there would be times I didn’t. It wasn’t until I worked on my Wealth Consciousness with Shelley’s help that I was able to see how my beliefs were holding me back in this area and thus holding me back from receiving money in my business.  

I now have more confidence in my ability to coach clients an in my ability to set up a sustainable business. Over the six month mastermind I got clear on who my ideal client was, how to market to them without feeling salesy, and had 2 new people sign up to go through my 1-1 twelve week program. Instead of charging what I had before of $750 for the program I had the confidence to charge what I felt it is worth of $1,200.  

I recommend this mastermind to any entrepreneur, no matter what area you coach in, as it truly challenges you to get out of your own way and take immediate action."

- Meaghan McElroen

"Working with Shelley through the group program has been an absolutely incredible experience. With her guidance, I felt supported in an enormous way. From the knowledge I gained during the calls to the invaluable information in the modules, I know that I have everything I need to build a successful business and future!  

During the course of this program I have cleared several mindset blocks that were keeping me stuck, I’ve been reminded of the vital importance of personal development and taking care of myself, and I've become more certain about what I want in my life and for my business. I now know exactly who my ideal client is, and I have created my very own signature program to help serve my clients on a deeper level. Not to mention that I was able to apply what I learned to get clients and make money even while still in the program!  

This experience couldn’t have come at a more perfect time and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thank you, Shelley for providing this opportunity and believing in me. There is no doubt in my mind that others would greatly benefit from this experience as well." 

- Greta Schraufnagel

"I’ve had the absolute pleasure and privilege of working with Shelley for the past 3+ years. So I knew when The Program came along – it was a must for me and my business! After participating in The Program with other women entrepreneurs, I’m absolutely thrilled about the evolution of my business!  

Not only is The Program full of amazing materials and resources, going through this 6-month process with Shelley facilitating every step of the way has allowed me to delve even further into letting go of limiting beliefs, building my wealth consciousness, getting really clear on who my ideal client is, and to creating my multi-level, multi-faceted signature program for Living From Love not Fear.  

Learning from and having access to these brilliant, dynamic, vibrant online fellow entrepreneurs on the calls has also inspired me to push myself even further (inside and out) as all of us travel our individual business and life journeys together.  

Thank you Shelley and The Program for giving me the resources, confidence, and inspiration I needed to take my thinking and business, and life to the next level and beyond!"

- Lesia Kohut 

"This program was an integral part of my entrepreneurial journey. I learned the inner workings of business and how to dive into the online space with confidence and know how. I'm so grateful for the whole package experience the group program offered and am walking away with the confidence to sell, grow and build an authentic business that is a true representation of who I am. The support and knowledge Shelley provided will be something I know will continue to help me and my business thrive!"

- Lauren Williamson


  • An outline for your signature program and be fully prepared to move forward with it!
  • A ready design for an online or in person intensive and how to work in depth with clients in an effective way
  • A new paradigm around: money, boundaries and self empowerment and awareness (This varies for everyone but I have not yet coached a woman who hasn’t grown from this transformational work)
  • Communication tools to use for transformation sessions with clients and an unwavering confidence in your ability to serve.
  • A clear vision, mission and client attraction formula online
  • Clear strategies to successfully invite and close discovery sessions and create a transformational dialogue by going deeper with clients through a step by step proven process
  • A deep understanding on how to serve with sales. And love doing it! You will close the sale without anxiety and learn how to truly embrace relationships in this dynamic!
  • The newest and most authentic ways to grow your list in ways that stand out online (that work!)
  • How to master your newsletter so every coach in the industry is coming to you for tips and your clients are asking you when the next is coming!
  • The newest and most effective ways to create packages and copy that sells using YOUR voice and with YOUR authentic brand
  • Mastering your online brand!

12 Bi-Weekly Modules


Wealth Consciousness 101

Your beliefs around wealth and your stories about your own worth are affecting every area of your business- and your life. In this module we focus where these blocks are and clear them for good!


Clarify Blocks & Re-Write the Stories

Personal Development is about looking at what is getting in your own way and how it is affecting your bank account, your relationships, your online presence, your business and your own happiness. We will be re-writing those old stories and creating a new paradigm of success with no more fear of failure or confusion on how to break through!


Personal Development: Client Attraction & Discovery Calls

Getting on the phone with potential clients will feel good, authentic and inspiring after this module. With a proven step by step structure and techniques to dive deeper and really get at the stories and objections that arise, you will feel confident and will sign up ideal clients with ease and grace!


Coaching Facilitation 101

Listening is truly a lost art in todays world. This module will teach you how to really listen and empathize with a client in a way that has them transform their negative patterns and break through their own destructive patterns. You will learn how to ask those high mileage deeper level questions that has them look at what isn’t working and facilitate their own movement towards transformational growth.


Boundaries & Attracting Ideal Clients

Having clients that take responsibility for their own growth and healing are a given when you know how to create boundaries in your business structures, relationships and in your own life. Here will master the art of attracting the clients that you truly desire and the non-negotiable structure to sustain a business that thrives on this high level success frequency.


Branding & Irresitable Messaging

At the end of the day, it marketing all comes down to the words you use and how you share your message. That is the critical deciding factor. If those things aren’t right on target, the right match for the right market in the right way at the right time, you either will get no response and it will seem like people are just ignoring your message. Then they won’t take action, and you’ll be frustrated, and you won’t be able to serve people, and they won’t get the solutions they need.

I don’t want that to happen to you so this module will target your positioning online in your authentic brand and how to structure your copy so it fits and it SPEAKS!


Serving with Sales #1

The old paradigm with sales is completely outdated. Gone are the days of convincing someone they need something or trying to prove that what you can do WILL help your potential client. Here we really dig deep into your potential clients needs and desires and connect them to your offering in a way that is authentic and true to your purpose and your brand. Mastering the mindset of service in sales and role play will be a huge component here!


Serving with Sales #2

This week will focus on the tools and strategies to close sales calls and really dig into objections so that your potential client can understand where they are stuck and how you can help. By learning a step by step method to listen and respond in a way that digs deeper, you will truly be able to take their perspective, clarify their gain and take a stand for them in a way that feels true to who you are and empowers them to move forward and create the life they desire!


Free & Paid Offers Online

Creating offers online and putting together programs must be done in a way that looks at your unique client niche and the needs of you present client base. In this module, you will create an outline for your unique signature program and funnels that attract and retain clients not only because they serve their specific needs and meet them where they are at, but because they are designed and priced based on a formula that is proven to build success!


List Building

If you have been around the online world for a while you know that the money is in the list… and so is your long term business development. This week will focus on how to build a list in a way that is congruent to your unique brand, and focuses on your assets and strengths. You will learn 15 new ways to build your list form the ground up- in months, not years!


Launch Plans & Success!

Understanding how to launch and using a proven system to create momentum is essential in any coaching practice. Learn how to take your signature program out to the world and create a ripple effect that has fills you …and your bank account with joy!


Maximize Your Site for Success

Your website is your branding masterpiece. Its says who you are, what you stand for and it supports your vision with powerful programs, opts in’s, sales pages and systems to match. An in depth look at your site and the structures to support it will be the focus as well as making any changes necessary to have you operating in you area of excellence as your unique brand which speaks directly to your tribe!



FREE Access to the 5 Video Serving with Sales Power Training Series!  

Value: $399.00 USD


A High Level Social Media Training!  

Value: $595.00 USD


A FREE coupon for 1:1 Mastery level 40 minute Coaching session with Shelley within 2 months of purchase!  

Value: $300.00 USD

All of this for only... $425 USD

Special Introductory Pricing!